While laparoscopic procedures present a less invasive alternative to open surgeries, they often require as many as five ports, ranging in size from 5 millimeters to 15 millimeters.

Larger ports (>10 mm) require closing the fascia. Current closure procedures involve manually closing the fascia or using a dedicated closure device. Manual closure requires physician expertise, particularly with obese patients. Incomplete or insufficient closure can lead to hernias at the trocar site, a serious complicaton.

Existing closure devices have some safety and quality drawbacks, are incompatible with standard trocar types and sizes, and add expenses and OR time. As well, they require additional training.

Novel integrated port closure system

Gordian Surgical TroClose1200™ - a novel integrated port closure system offers surgeons a simple, secure and safe solution to open and suture closed the abdominal wall during laparoscopic procedures.

  • Very easy to operate — requires only minimal training
  • Saves physician and OR time — up to 10 minutes per port
  • Facilitates closing ports that are not currently closed due to their technical complexity
  • Designed for improved safety, especially compared to other closure device

The Gordian closure devices is compatible with all types of trocars: bladed/bladeless, disposable/multiuse, and others (SILS, 15 mm, Hassan).