About Us

Gordian Surgical was founded at the end of 2012 and operates within the framework of the Misgav Venture Accelerator, part of The Trendlines Group.

The TroClose1200™ by Gordian Surgical is a novel integrated port closure system that offers surgeons a simple, secure and safe solution to open and suture closed the abdominal wall during laparoscopic procedures.

Company Milestones

  • August 2016 - Gordian Surgical received the ISO 13485 certification & CE approval for marketing of the TroClose1200™ within the European Communities. See news article
  • December 2016 - Gordian Surgical received the FDA regulatory clearance for its TroClose1200™. See news article
  • Q1 2017 - Gordian Surgical has embarked into worldwide commercialization of the TroClose1200™ a novel integrated port closure system.

The Legend of the Gordian Knot

As a way of thanking the gods for his good fortune, King Midas used an intricate knot to tie his wagon to a pole, which he placed in the center of a shrine (located in what is now modern day Turkey). Fashioned from the bark of a dogwood tree, the knot left no exposed ends. An oracle foretold that whoever could loosen the knot would rule all of Asia. The tree bark dried and hardened. The knot was moved to the ancient city of Gordium. Over the years, thousands tried their hand at untying the knot. Only one succeeded: Alexander the Great. Read about Alexander’s legendary out-of-the-box solution.

Today, a “Gordian knot” represents a difficult or unsolvable problem — a challenge. We chose the name to represent our outside-the-box thinking for tying surgical knots.